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Breastfeeding Story: The Best Food for the Baby is Breast Milk

I gave birth to my daughter in 2015 with a planned caesarean section. So, my little berry was born, but I had no breast milk for 4 days. In desperation, I bought a mixture and was just about to cook it for the baby, when suddenly I got a rush of milk. Apparently, I so strongly did not want to give my child a formula, that my body reacted.

Oh, the time that lasted 1 year and 8 months! I'll never forget it.


I could not imagine that there could be so much milk! I couldn't find enough cups and bowls in the whole hospital to "free" my breast.

I struggled with lactostasis and pain. The milk had to be decanted in order to feel relief. When feeding my child, I would tightly close my eyes due to pain, because due to the strong flow of milk I had cracks all over. But we endured for long and weaned absolutely calmly, although I was very worried about this. Up to 1 year and 8 months of age, my child preferred her mom's milk to any other meal and weighed 12-13 kilograms.


I remember how I admired this miracle of nature. I said many times: "What a great idea mother nature has had! Look, my girl grows without extra food for 6 months. All that she needs she gets through breast milk." 

Author: Madina Sharipova

Photo: Author's archive

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