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Breastfeeding Story: Even the Impossible is Possible for the Sake of Children

Should you breastfeed or give formula? Each mother chooses herself, and I'm sure that she does so with her child's best interests in mind. I want to share my wonderful history of breastfeeding not to teach or serve an example, but just to tell you that it also happens.

When the ultrasound doctor announced that I was pregnant with twins, I was laying there trying to connect words into sentences, stammering with tears of joy. I felt infinitely happy that God was giving me such a gift. I do not recall how exactly the pregnancy went on, but that it was quite a test for me! Multiple pregnancy is generally not considered a norm and carries various risks. Therefore, during the whole pregnancy I thought that the most important thing was to carry through, and then I would figure things out.

The second incredible surprise was that our twins turned out to be "royal" ones as they say! A girl and a boy - could I have happier news? Being fragile and timid by nature, I turned into a brave fighter. I got a feeling of certainty and a spirit that I was going to give birth my children on time and soundly.


Glory to the Almighty, on the 38th week, I gave birth to a girl weighing 2 kilograms and 800 grams and a boy weighing 3 kilograms 200 grams . Until the last moment, I did not know what delivery would be like. The birth was natural. It may sound like an exaltation, but the credit goes to the wonderful doctor who established such a trusting relationship and was so calm and kind that everything went well.

In my case, not for once and not from one person at the hospital I heard: "Feed them formula! You cannot feed two!" That sounded like doom to me, but I turned into some kind of superwoman: I myself gave birth to twins after all, what do you mean ‘I will not be able to feed them’? I listened only to myself.   I do not know how to explain this, but I just instinctively applied each child to my chest. On the second day, breastmilk came, and on the third day, the pediatrician told my relatives: "What a brave woman you have, she wants to breastfeed by herself only."  I was so proud of myself!


Yet this did not end my "breastmilk-ability" doubts. At home, they would constantly tell me: "Children do not eat their fill! One mother cannot feed two babies! You need to supplement feeding!"  Nobody would believe me: I felt that I was doing everything right, I was their mother and I knew what to do the best.

I needed support. I invited a breastfeeding consultant to my home. That wise woman voiced the things I knew subconsciously. She told that the child wants to be at the breast not only when hungry, but also when he is scared, anxious, and uncomfortable. During the first months of life, like the 9 months in the womb: the baby and the mom are a single whole, and so the Mom's breast, warmth, her smell and the beat of her heart is their connection. It is the "Mom is near" thing. She told us that milk cannot simply disappear at the beginning stages, but at certain times its' amount is less than usual, and that is natural. Only the frequency of putting the child to the breast can stimulate its production. And the main news: no matter how many children were born, the woman's body will produce as much milk as needed! Put both babies to both breasts and, voila, the helping of milk doubles. Nature could never fail to foresee this!


Now my twins are just over 2 years old, we still breastfeed now, only at night. What weaning will be like, I do not know yet. At any rate, I'm glad that during their first 6 months, my children had exclusively breastmilk. I felt that it was important and that I would manage to make it.

Author: Feruza Abidova

Photo: Author's archive

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