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Breastfeeding Story: All That is Needed for a Better Start in Life Has Already Been Given to Us by Nature

I had 10 months of terrible lactostasis, hellish stasis, when the whole breast is in lumps, bumps, and there are bleeding cracks in the nipples! Yet, I did not give up and continued to struggle for the happiness of my baby to eat exclusively mother's breast milk, such a healthy, dear and warm milk.

I am proud of myself that I have endured for the long time of 10 months. I struggled and did not listen to the advice of other mothers, grandmothers, aunts and even the all-knowing neighbor, granny Klava, who all unanimously insisted that my milk was not fat enough, not useful and absolutely unnecessary after 6 months of age.

I dug through much literature and now I know for one hundred percent that you should breast feed the baby until the baby weans by itself - only in this way and in no other way was this conceived by nature, by the Almighty. I am sure that you do not need any pacifiers, bottles, water, breast pumps or other props. All this is marketing imposed on us consumers.

For 6.5 months of her life, my daughter was exclusively breastfed. Today she is already 1 year and 8 months old, and she is eating the same food as me. During this time, I never gave her a pacifier, a bottle or formula. A child should always, in any place (on the street, in a cafe and wherever he wants) have the opportunity to have mother's milk. It is desirable that he suck the milk himself, and does not drink the expressed breastmilk from the bottle.

I am proud that when my daughter ran a temperature of 38.6 and was listless, I spent 24 hours holding her on my arms and I breastfed her with my milk, knowing that it was medicinal for my child, and it's magical.


And finally, I could have avoided the 10 months of hellish stasis if at the very beginning I was taught proper breastfeeding, without lining the chest, without expressing for hours, without the advice to supplement the child with formula so the child does not get gorged with colostrum.

I thank the Almighty for the fact that on my way out of the maternity hospital I met a competent consultant on breastfeeding, whose advice I follow to this day: maintain constant skin to the skin contact with the baby, feed with breast milk always and everywhere, and sleep together!

For 10 months it was very difficult for me, but I survived, and since then I have spared no effort and time to tell about my breastfeeding experience to all my friends who have given birth after me. My spouse says that I am almost a professional consultant myself, that I am a fan of breastfeeding and will breastfeed my child until retirement. Of course, I will not do so until retirement, but until the child weans naturally by herself. Do I have any right to decide for my daughter, how long she should enjoy her mother's milk? It's such an unearthly happiness to see her smacking mouth and eyes, in which you are more than the universe to her!


My dear young mothers, do study reliable sources, consult breastfeeding counselors and do not let anyone deter you as to the exceptional benefits of breastfeeding. Breastfeed, and if the children are the same age, then feed them in tandem - this is a gift from God! I wish all goodness and more mommy's milk to all! 

Author: Evgeniya Baltaeva

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