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Breastfeeding Story: Support from Others - Helping Lactating Mothers

My story of breastfeeding began, probably, when my sister gave birth to her daughter and breastfed her. She was the one who inspired me to breastfeed continuously.

My son Nazar is 2 years and 3 months old. Now the breastfeeding has been reduced to sucking before going to bed, he does not ask for more . Sometimes he skips breastfeeding, preferring a night's sleep and it turns out that I can not breastfeed him for almost a day.

I fed him fr om birth - when he was born, he was immediately put to my chest. My little Nazar was born very small, 50 centimeters long and weighing less than 3 kilograms. For the first half of the year he went without water and complementary foods and he gained an average of 1.2 kilograms of weight each month. By some standards there was a preponderance (what does this mean?), but no pediatrician recommended me to diet!


In my feeding experience, there were no nightmares in the form of lactostasis, biting the breast, or reprehension from anyone. There were some cracks on the nipples at first, but those were within reason. Twice it seemed to me that the amount of breast milk began to decrease, but it turned out that it was just an adaptation of the breast. So everything was fine!


We live in Uzbekistan, wh ere neither men nor women were are shy about asking if I'm breastfeeding. Hearing an affirmative answer, they would smile and talk about the benefits of breast milk. To my surprise , mostly men would do that . They told me how important it is to feed the boys for a continious time. So it is not by a chance that I have such a "polvon" (champion) growing up!


It was a great joy that I had no problems with breastfeeding and that I inspired two close friends to breastfeed. It was not as easy for them as it was for me, but they made some efforts and survived it!

Mummies who have chosen breastfeeding, I wish that you do not face any judgement and difficulties! Milk rivers to all!

Author: Elena Dadajonova

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