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Breastfeeding Story: Mother's Milk is the Highest Gift!

I gave birth to my angel, whom I cherished under my heart for nine months. When I saw my baby reaching out to my breast, I felt overwhelmed by maternal love. A child is the most priceless gift, and the health of a child is the grace given to us by God.

I breastfed my first child until he reached two years and one month. For a child, breast-milk is not only food, but also the love of his mother.


The immune system of my child is strong, and this is the most important thing. The very fact that mother’s love intensifies when she sees her child and it results in increased volume of milk is nothing but a miracle.

Our second child is now nine months old. Of course I feed my child with baby formula, but as far as possible, I try to breastfeed more often.


When a child's teeth erupt or he gets sick, mother's milk plays a very important role. Even with a sore throat, if the baby is breastfed more often, it helps in a speedy recovery. When I breastfeed, I lie next to my child and watch my baby, and admire the miracle of the Almighty. Feeding your child with love is the greatest happiness for me.

Breast milk plays a huge role in ensuring the health of our children.

Author: Dildora Irmatova

Photo: Author's archive

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