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Breastfeeding Story: Not Only Food, but also a Special Bond with the Child

The history of my breastfeeding began long before the birth of my son and even before pregnancy.

At one of the forums for mothers I came across a discussion on breastfeeding. I read questions fr om mothers and replies of specialists. I got interested in the discussion. Perhaps, one of the reasons was that I couldn’t call myself a person with big breasts. And in fact, I wasn’t sure if I ever could breastfeed a child. Actually, it was the first question I asked a specialist, and the answer was: "Yes!"

Later, during pregnancy, I visited the website of the Association of Natural Nutrition Consultants quite often. By the time my son was born, I considered myself fully ready to take care of a child.

Unfortunately, in the maternity hospital I couldn’t avoid such statements as:

"Wh ere's your bottle?"

"Now we will bring the baby-formula to make sure your child gets enough food."

-"How? You didn’t bring a nipple with you? Now we will organize one!"

"Mother, with such a breast you can never feed your child."

With all responsibility I declare: this is not the support a young mother needs! But I was ready for this thanks to mothers who shared their stories on that online forum.

Recalling that time, I now understand that the most difficult thing was to learn two lessons. First, to not react to the recommendations of the surrounding "well-wishers" who say: "your baby weighs little, little milk, lots of milk," and not to follow the persistent advice to "urgently give child water." Second, to not give out recommendations to mothers of children on artificial feeding.


If I recall, there were lactostases, and many issues with diet, on giving additional liquid and additional food. Moms from the forum helped me out in addressing those issues. I would like to acknowledge them here: Ira Kolyuchka, Liana Natroshvili, Dinara Urmanova, Lika, Ksenia and Nastya. All of them responded and were very sincere, which was a great support for me.

Later, I realized that breastfeeding is not just food; it's a special bond with the child, communication and just incredible sensations.

Another great advantage is that while travelling, you don’t have to worry about what to feed your child with; during the breastfeeding period we visited more than 10 countries.


There’s one more thing, which makes me sad to mention, and that is weaning.  I really wanted to do it naturally. But when the child was two years old, I decided that I wanted to sleep at night and over the course of couple months I slowly reduced the number of breastfeeding sessions at night until I totally stopped breastfeeding at night. I realized that feeding at midnight is as much happiness as feeding all night. Then, gradually and very smoothly, we reduced the number of breastfeeding sessions during the rest of the day.

The most important thing for me was that the entire process went very comfortably for me and for my son. The only thing I could not imagine was how my son would fall asleep without getting breastfed, but it happened naturally. One evening Nikita said: "Today my father will put me to bed." And I went to have my tea with chocolates feeling calm.

Now my son is three years and two months old. I can’t remember when the last time I breastfed him,  and I don’t know if the there’s next time ... It is a little sad, but for both of us it's a new and no less important stage in the relationship, and I happily recall my experience with breastfeeding.

Author: Daria Pavlikova

Photo: Author's archive

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